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2 whistleblower suits filed after employees claim retaliation

People naturally think that if they do good deeds, they will be rewarded. Meanwhile, those who do bad deeds should be punished. However, things don't always work like this in Wisconsin. A whistleblower may feel as though he or she is committing a good act in society by calling attention to an immoral or unethical situation. In reality, rewarding the whistleblower likely is the farthest thing from the mind of an employer who is the subject of the whistleblowing situation.

Whistleblower awarded $700K after losing job

People who choose to speak up about the wrongs they witness at work can get a wide range of nicknames. Sometimes, they're called snoops, and other times, they're labeled as snitches or traitors. However, if a whistleblower voices concerns about unfair and illegal practices that can cause harm, his or her efforts may be looked upon positively by others. It is illegal to mistreat workers who have chosen to be whistleblowers in Wisconsin.

Whistleblower suit claims school retaliated against employees

Some people have such a strong moral compass that they feel obligated to speak up when they observe a wrong being perpetrated in a Wisconsin workplace. An employer may try to get back at a whistleblower employee, either by trimming his or her salary or even terminating the worker. Retaliation allegedly occurred in another state recently due to a decision of two whistleblowers to raise concerns about the practices taking place at a charter school.

Whistleblower files suit against university after being fired

A former university employee recently filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the school for which he previously worked. He claimed that his employer terminated him in response to his decision to report misconduct that the president of the institution was accused of being involved in. A whistleblower who feels that he or she has been wronged by an employer certainly has the right to seek justice in Wisconsin.

Whistleblower may be denied training opportunities in Wisconsin

Doing good technically should result in a reward, according to the law of karma. However, in the Wisconsin workplace, doing the right thing by confessing an employer's illegal behavior to the appropriate authorities might actually result in a punishment, such as a termination. A whistleblower in this case may become angry and be discouraged from ever being honest about bad company practices again, but whistleblower protections exist to ensure that these individuals indeed are rewarded rather than face unjust discipline for their actions.

District violates whistleblower act, must pay nearly $1 million

Being a "tattletale" on the playground as a child may cause the young person to be ridiculed by his or her peers. Being a "tattletale" in the workplace as an adult may cause a person to experience more than just ridicule -- it could get the individual fired. Still, protections are in place for a person who ends up being a whistleblower in Wisconsin because public safety is considered more important than a company's bottom line. One female whistleblower recently received more than $1 million after she was reportedly wronged by her employer in one out-of-state case.

Wisconsin whistleblower protected under Sarbanes-Oxley Act

People typically feel that they should be rewarded for doing the right thing. In many instances, however, the opposite happens: They are punished for doing what they feel is morally right, simply because the party harmed by their actions wants to retaliate against them in Wisconsin. Nevertheless, a whistleblower is entitled to protections and has the right to pursue a claim against an employer that has chosen to terminate him or her.

Whistleblower assists in $614 million fine under False Claims Act

A co-worker falsifies expenditures receipts. A large corporation fails to honor the terms of its contract. Whatever the issue, the person who often brings the problem to light is typically known as a whistleblower. Most often, the issues he or she sheds light on are violations under the False Claims Act. It is possible that many Wisconsin residents have been affected by a recent issue that has come to light in this area.

Retaliation against whistleblower common complaint nationwide

The term "whistleblower" elicits varying reactions from different people. Some individuals applaud a whistleblower for speaking up about an injustice he or she may have witnessed at an organization. However, others view the person as a betrayer. Either way, this individual legally cannot be punished for uncovering unfavorable information about a company; however, this situation is common nationwide, and when it occurs, the mistreated employee has the right to seek legal recourse by filing a claim against the employer in Wisconsin.

Whistleblower reveals truth about state university

From a young age, people learn that being a "tattletale" is a negative thing. When they get older and witness illegal activity at the job site, they often maintain this mentality for fear of being ridiculed or even fired from the job. However, when a person allows his or her moral convictions to outweigh the reservations he or she feels about speaking up, the person may end up being a whistleblower, and his or her employer may choose to retaliate against this individual. A Wisconsin worker who has been victimized in such a way reserves the right to file a claim against the employer.

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