Social Security Disability Applications on the Rise

More and more employees who previously were able to work with physical problems are turning to Social Security Disability after being laid off during the long recessionary period. Take one woman’s story as an example.

Ms. D was an employee at the same company for over 40 years but over that time period she suffered from problems with her knees. Her employer provided appropriate accommodations for her, but because of the economy the company was forced to let her go. Ms. D’s medical disability made the already bleak job picture even worse because her physical problems limited her work choice options. Ms. D like so many others across the country turned to Social Security Disability Income as a source of relief for her economic misfortune. Thankfully with the help of her attorney, Ms. D was approved with seven months after having lost her job.

Applications for Social Security Disability have risen 17 percent over the last four years. Before the recession occurred, disability claims had been on the rise because of aging baby boomers, but the rise over the last few years is attributed to the poor economy and the increase of boomers. Many employers who provided accommodations beyond what was legally required have been forced to cut disabled workers because of the prolonged recession.

Anyone older than 18 and younger than age 65 who has worked for two years or more can receive early retirement income from Social Security Disability Insurance. The application process can be lengthy and many times applicants are guided by attorneys because the approval process can involve an administrative hearing before a judge.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press, “Unemployed Turn to Social Security Benefit,” Adam Crisp, 10/21/10


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