How to inform your employer of your maternity leave

For eligible employees, the Family Medical Leave Act entitles workers to 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave and guarantees the return of your job or similar position after your leave period. Sometimes planning to tell your boss about your pregnancy and maternity leave can be more difficult than planning for your pregnancy. In this post, we will talk about the steps to take when informing your boss of your leave time.

According to Laura Kalehoff, Executive Editor of American Baby Magazine, figuring out when to inform your boss of your leave is one of the first questions to solve. Kalehoff says the appropriate time comes down to the individual. Many women wait until the beginning of their second trimester or 12 weeks because the risk of miscarriage decreases or a baby bump may begin to appear. When you are ready to tell your employer about your pregnancy and leave period, your direct supervisor should be told first. Telling your direct supervisor first ensures the news does not reach your boss secondhand and avoids the feeling of purposefully not informing her or him.

The information about your pregnancy and leave is also important. Your boss does not need to know too much information; your due date is the essential piece of information. According to Kalehoff, you should also clearly communicate to your supervisor that you are committed to your position and that in a few months you will discuss the specifics of your leave. At this point, there is also no need to tell your boss whether you will certainly return to your job or not. Next time, we will continue to discuss planning maternity leave time with your boss under the FMLA.

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