Adult baby cleared of Social Security Disability Fraud

Investigations into Social Security Disability fraud are important because investigations help reexamine who should properly receive disability benefits. People who are not legally entitled to receive Social Security Disability but still receive benefits harm the system for people in Wisconsin and elsewhere who legitimately need disability benefits. One man who lives as an “adult baby” has recently been cleared of Social Security Disability Income fraud.

The 30-something-year-old man from California first gained national recognition when he appeared on a reality television show called “Taboo” which airs on the National Geographic channel. The episode that featured the 30-something aired in May and during the show the man demonstrated his adult baby lifestyle. He was shown playing in an adult-sized crib that he built and was also shown working on an adult-sized wooden highchair. The show also demonstrated that the man’s female roommate acted as his caretaker, and the program revealed that the man and his roommate received Social Security Disability.

After the show aired Sen. Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma, challenged the legitimacy of the 30-something’s receipt of disability benefits and asked the inspector general of Social Security to investigate the man and determine whether he could work.

Recently, the man announced on his website that he was cleared of Social Security Disability fraud and explained that he does not use his disability benefits to purchase items for his adult baby lifestyle. He says many items were gifts or bought with money collected from recycling bottles or money he saved when he was a security guard.

Source: The Washington Times, “Man living as an ‘adult baby’ is cleared of Social Security fraud,” Stephen Dinan, Oct. 18, 2011


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