Despite ADA disabled can still face challenges while traveling

During our last post, we wrote about how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guarantees that disabled people are treated equally under the law. Despite the Americans with Disabilities Act people with disabilities can still face challenges while traveling especially outside of the United States where the ADA does not apply. In this post we will continue to offer some travel tips specific to people with disabilities.

Last time we left off with talking about your trip with your doctor. It is also recommended that you carry a doctor’s note and phone number when you travel. The note should be on the doctor’s letterhead and should cover your condition, medications, potential complications and other necessary information. The number for your doctor should be one where she or he can be reached for an emergency and is available 24/7.

Experts also advise that you travel with extra medication. Pack two complete packages of required medicine in case of emergency. Also, before you leave complete research on the availability of a physician in the area you are traveling to. Your doctor, healthcare provider, insurance company or local embassy can help provide information.

It is also helpful to carry medical alert information and such information should be kept in place a medical professional would look such as a wallet or necklace.

When planning your trip consider using a travel agent that specializes in assisting travelers with certain impairments. Some travel agents specialize in certain areas like assisting travelers with hearing impairment. Next time we will continue the conversation by talking about flights and transportation.

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