May I collect unemployment if I quit because I’m moving?

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Whether you may collect unemployment insurance depends on the reason for your move. In most situations, when you voluntarily remove yourself from the workforce, you may not collect benefits. However, if you quit your job to accompany your spouse to a new city where she has received a new offer of employment, you typically may collect unemployment benefits in Wisconsin. The only other stipulation in that law provides that you be prepared to demonstrate to the unemployment division that it would be impractical for you to continue commuting to your old job after your move. What is impractical or practical is subject to interpretation, and may depend on your rate of pay, your job or line of work, the number of hours you work, and of course, the distance of your new commute.

Similarly, if your employer will not allow you leave to care for a sick relative and you quit to move and care them, you may also qualify for benefits. The required showings under those circumstances are a bit more complicated.

If you have questions about whether you should qualify for unemployment insurance benefits or about appealing an adverse unemployment decision, please contact me.

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