Wisconsin employees faced with taking unpaid leave

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In today’s economy, many workers are concerned about job security. However, when an illness arises in a family, a worker can be forced to take unpaid leave leaving them concerned about having a job to return to. A recent article published about unpaid leave and the need for changes in the system could be relevant for Wisconsin workers in a similar situation.

The odds of a worker needing time off of work in order to care for a sick loved one are rather high and could potentially increase as our workforce continues to get older. The problem with the Family and Medical Leave Act is that it is limited to spouses and parents. This can be problematic for workers that are responsible for the care of grandparents or aunts and uncles.

The Family and Medical Leave Act is also unpaid time off which can create serious financial hardship for those that need the time off. It was estimated that close to two-thirds of the employees that qualify for this leave chose not to take it because they financially couldn’t afford to. While there are other insurance options available to help cover these expenses, those options can also be unaffordable for those struggling to make ends meet.

Any Wisconsin employee faced with the decision on whether or not to take unpaid leave from their job could benefit from understanding the laws and knowing all available options. This can be a difficult and emotional decision when faced with losing a job or caring for a loved one. Thankfully there is help available should a person find themselves in a situation in which they aren’t sure the best avenue to take.

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