Activists worry Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act in danger

Many times employers will believe they have the upper hand in the workplace over their subordinate employees, which could lead to abuse or wrongdoing. This is why there are employment laws designed to protect employee rights in the workplace in Wisconsin and other states. One of the most important laws is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Some 25 years ago, the then-governor of Wisconsin signed into law the state’s version of the FMLA, which was an even stronger version of the federal law that was already in place. The state law enables workers to substitute pay accrued or any unpaid leave in order to receive a paycheck during a six-week leave of absence from work. The state law also allows for more reasons to ask for leave of absence from work without having to worry about losing one’s job.

Many activists have been worried about potential efforts to repeal the state law by business lobbying groups. This is why hundreds of protesters congregated recently to bring attention to the previous efforts of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC). This big business lobbying group had attempted to repeal the state version of the FMLA.

Those looking to potentially take a medical leave of absence should be sure to pay close attention to any efforts to attempt to repeal the Wisconsin version of the Family and Medical Leave Act. If the law is repealed or altered in some way, a worker’s rights could be affected, which could inhibit one’s ability to obtain pay while on medical leave. Understanding the most current applicable laws will also prepare a worker if he or she has to sue an employer for violations of the FMLA.

Source: The Cap Times, Protesters believe Wisconsin’s Family and Medical Leave Act is in trouble, WMC says no, Jessica Vanegeren, Aug. 27, 2013


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