Apply for Social Security disability online in Wisconsin

Situations may arise which may make someone unable to work. Many people who suffer from a disability apply for Social Security disability benefits. A disability is something that diminishes one’s ability to work or do certain tasks and sometimes a disability can be caused by an injury or a car accident. The traditional way for approval is to visit the local SSA office in Wisconsin. Now, those who are disabled can apply for benefits online.

When applying for benefits, the process can take up to five months, depending on the circumstances of the case. The process involves questions such as eligibility for benefits, based on the amount of work history, seriousness of medical condition and ability to work. In some cases, decisions are expedited if someone has a severe disability. 

When someone can provide as much documentation as possible in regards to their case, it can make the process go faster. In order to streamline the process, the Social Security Administration requires contact information from hospitals, doctors and other medical facilities that treated the person along with their medical records. In addition to medical information, the SSA office also asks for employment information along with tax returns from the previous year.

The SSA also has another program that expedites Social Security disability benefits in certain cases called Compassionate Allowances Initiative. Since it started, over 250,000 applicants have had their cases expedited in just days. There are hundreds of disabilities that qualify under this program. Wisconsin residents can obtain more information and apply online, though having the experience of a trusted professional may help smooth the process.

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