Company agrees to comply with Family and Medical Leave Act

The law is designed to ensure that everybody is treated fairly in the workplace. This is especially important for employee rights, since employers are usually in a position of power in the relationship between employer and worker in Wisconsin or in any other state. One law which makes sure employee rights are being protected is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). However, one employer was recently accused of violating this law by the federal authorities.

The FMLA ensures eligible employees to be able to take a medical leave of absence without any repercussions as punishment from their employers. Presbyterian Healthcare Services has recently been investigated by the Department of Labor which claims to have discovered several instances of FMLA violations by the medical services company. These violations affected over 9,600 workers. 

One of the accusations levied by the employment agency was wrongfully denying medical leave to almost a dozen employees which should have been eligible. Another violation was requesting more information from their employees than is allowed by law. The medical services company, however, did not admit to any wrongdoing. On the other hand, the company did agree to comply with FMLA as well as make improvements to its policies.

Those who have been affected by an employer that violates the Family and Medical Leave Act in Wisconsin or in any other state may be able to obtain some monetary reimbursement by filing a civil lawsuit against the employer. However, in order to be successful the plaintiff will have to provide evidence in order to back up a legal argument. The defendant will also be able to launch a legal defense, therefore choosing the correct legal argument is essential for the plaintiff.

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