Wisconsin pharmacist files whistleblower claim against PharMerica

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It’s rarely easy for employees to make the decision to file whistleblower suits against the companies for which they work. Many understandably fear that they will have to face retaliation from their employers. However, Wisconsin and federal law provide protections for a whistleblower claim, especially when it has to do with the False Claims Act. Under this law, those who hold government contracts can face lawsuits filed by citizens on behalf of the government if the citizens can show evidence of fraud.

Recently, news emerged of a whistleblower suit filed by a Wisconsin pharmacist, which had been sealed for quite some time. The pharmacist first discovered the alleged wrongdoing carried out by her employer, PharMerica, when she realized that drugs that can be dangerous were being prescribed using her license but without a corresponding physician’s prescription. She claimed in her lawsuit that her company ignored her concerns.

That prompted her to bring her fears to the government, only to find herself fired by PharMerica after federal officials served a raid against the Pewaukee plant. Later, she filed a federal whistleblower suit on behalf of the government and herself, citing her high professional ethics not to mention worries for those who could have been given the drugs being illegally prescribed. In the event that PharMerica loses in court, the company could be facing over $100 million in damages that it must shell out in connection with this case.

For those who do make the decision to file a False Claims Act whistleblower lawsuit, the retaliation they may have suffered will hopefully be offset by a successful day in court. This can help them shine the light on any wrongdoing carried out by their employers. Further, it can help right the wrongs that may have done against them in retaliation for trying to promote professional and legal standards at work.

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