Social Security Administration issues a warning

Like many Americans, individuals are finding the need to file for Social Security benefits and expediting the claim to improve the chances of approval is often necessary. Social Security applicants commonly need all of the extra subsidies available, and a successful claim is often difficult to secure. Adding to the difficulty, Wisconsin recipients of Social Security Benefits have recently been warned by the Social Security Administration that the benefits may be at risk for loss if the debt ceiling cannot be raised this month.

The current status of the government shutdown does not effect the disbursement of Social Security checks. However, the Social Security Administration employees have been instructed to inform any inquiring individuals that Social Security benefits may be in jeopardy. The employees received the instruction just recently and are preparing recipients for the worst.

Reportedly, President Barack Obama delivered the news in a press conference. The debt ceiling will need to be raised before October 17 otherwise, the United States will reach the debt limit. The administration will not be able to send out Social Security checks on time unless the debt ceiling increases.

Most Social Security claimants are denied approval upon initial application, and coupled with the errors made in the process and the current status of the economic shutdown, legal guidance in the application process can be vital. Every person has the right to representation while pursuing a claim or other rights under titles II, XVI, and XVIII of the Social Security Act. Wisconsin residents can find aid during the economic shutdown to put together a successful claim to receive benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Source: The Daily Caller, Social Security Administration instructs employees to warn recipients about debt ceiling, No author, Oct. 4, 2013


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