Time Warner guilty of Family and Medical Leave Act violation?

A major corporation has been accused of gender discrimination under basic FMLA laws. In Wisconsin and elsewhere, the Family and Medical Leave Act applies to all public agencies, all public and private elementary and secondary schools, and companies with 50 or more employees. Recently, a CNN journalist has accused Time Warner of committing FMLA-related gender discrimination.

The Atlanta-based reporter says that he was refused paid family leave for the typical allotment of 10 weeks. The man was the biological father of a newborn and became frustrated that paid leave for 10 weeks is given to mothers and adopting fathers by the company, but only grants 2 weeks of paid leave to fathers. The journalist says that he is faced with only two options, 10 weeks of unpaid leave or hiring an outside entity to take care of their newborn child. Neither choice is financially plausible for the man and his family.

Men in contemporary society are faced with this dilemma everyday as many mothers work full-time as well. The role of the biological father as caregiver is of equal importance, and the reporter is holding Time Warner accountable for refusing to acknowledge this paradigm. He attempted to persuade Time Warner to permit equal paid leave to both biological mothers and fathers before his child was born and was faced with rejection.

The journalist has taken action and filed a lawsuit against Time Warner for gender discrimination. Those in Wisconsin who feel they have been discriminated against can take action if they are denied a claim for taking time off due to pregnancy or a serious medical condition. Large companies and schools have an obligation to adhere to the protocol enforced by the Family and Medical Leave Act to protect employees.

Source: ABC News, Time Warner Accused of Refusing Longer Paid Family Leave Only to Biological Fathers, Susanna Kim, Nov. 2, 2013


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