Wisconsin long-term disability reform

Long-term disability benefits are notoriously difficult to attain due to the fact that the long-term disability insurance companies often look for any opportunity to deny the claim. Although long-term disability insurance is designed to protect employees in the event they become disabled prior to retirement, they do not always pay the benefits to which claimants are entitled. In Wisconsin and on a national level, the debate continues as reform for long-term disability becomes necessary.

Many are seeking reform and advocating different options right now to make changes to services such as long-term disability before it is too late and funding is depleted. Abuse of the system adds more fuel to the flame that burns on for change in the current environment that is in desperate need of economic recovery. The widespread belief that eligibility rules are far too liberal becomes a reality when fraudulent cases rise to the surface and when enough research is conducted.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently delivered his State of the State address and talked about measures to take for residents with disabilities. Project SEARCH continues to help high school students with disabilities find positions by focusing on the unique abilities that they possess. A new year-long initiative is being launched called A Better Bottom Line, which the Governor described as helping both employers and those with disabilities to work together. According to Governor Walker, continued measures will be taken to serve individuals with disabilities and help them find work and prosper.

Whether attempting to receive access to taxpayer-funded programs in Wisconsin or long-tem disability benefits, the process should not be so daunting. The key to winning long-term disability claims is the strategic and thorough preparation of the initial application for benefits. If an individual’s long-term disability benefits claim has been denied for reasons that are questionable, evidence of bad faith insurance may be investigated. Fighting a denial of benefits is possible, and correcting the claim is probable with the right support.

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