Social Security disability helps those with cancers, disorders

People who have serious mental or physical disabilities may be unable to retain their jobs. This can be devastating to someone in Wisconsin who prefers to work and maintain his or her independence for as long as possible. Fortunately, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can help those with legitimate disabilities to continue to afford their regular expenses and thus not fear losing their homes and/or other basic necessities.

With World Health Day coming up on April 7, now is an ideal time to call attention to the Social Security Administration’s focus on caring for people with health needs on a daily basis. For instance, the SSA recently added 25 new Compassionate Allowances conditions, which are health conditions for which the program will accelerate the disability process. These conditions include disorders that negatively impact the immune or neurological system, for instance.

They also include various types of cancers. The fast-track process has actually allowed the SSA to approve nearly 200,000 people with critical disabilities. Social Security disability beneficiaries not only receive money but also Medicare health coverage after two years, which is essential for helping them to maintain their health for years to come.

With so many benefits for disabled Wisconsin citizens available through the Social Security Administration, it is understandable for people to feel dejected if their claims are rejected. However, it is possible to appeal a Social Security disability claim denial, and with the right guidance, an appeal can turn out to be successful. The right understanding of the law certainly may provide a disabled person with hope that he or she indeed will receive the cash and health care benefits required to live as healthily and normally as possible.

Source: Emporia Gazette, Helping Americans with disabilities, Shawn Cole, March 19, 2014


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