Social Security Disability system not perfect

Many American workers who pay Social Security taxes often imagine their dollars going toward their future retirement payments. However, these tax dollars are essential for also funding disability payments for those who are mentally or physically incapacitated in Wisconsin. The issue is that the current system for Social Security Disability is not perfect, and remedies that have been proposed in light of the situation do not appear to adequately and fairly solve problems with the system.

New rules would make it mandatory for disability insurance applicants to provide all information related to their health. The problem is that such information could actually harm their chances of acquiring the benefits they so desperately need. One option for addressing this issue is to simply have the court select a neutral third party.

This third party would serve a similar role as that of a trustee appointed in a bankruptcy. The neutral party would impartially collect the required information. If this is not done, there will continue to be conflict about whether it is right or wrong to make a person divulge personal medical data that may not be in his or her best interest to reveal.

A person who is applying for Social Security Disability insurance often needs the benefits in order to make ends meet. Learning that one’s claim has been rejected can leave the person feeling all alone. However, knowing the law may help people to claim the benefits they need and deserve if they truly have medical conditions that keep them from being able to work traditional jobs in Wisconsin.

Source: The Motley Fool, Why the Social Security Disability System Is Broken, Dan Caplinger, March 15, 2014


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