Whistleblower suit claims school retaliated against employees

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Whistle-blower Claims

Some people have such a strong moral compass that they feel obligated to speak up when they observe a wrong being perpetrated in a Wisconsin workplace. An employer may try to get back at a whistleblower employee, either by trimming his or her salary or even terminating the worker. Retaliation allegedly occurred in another state recently due to a decision of two whistleblowers to raise concerns about the practices taking place at a charter school.

Two teachers were involved, one currently working for the charter school and another who previously worked there. They claimed that the school had failed to abide by required procedures regarding the reporting of child abuse allegations as well as with regard to a dangerous field trip to a foreign country. The two filed a lawsuit, claiming that they experienced retaliation for bringing these concerns to light.

In addition, the two said that the school claimed school breakfast and lunch funding that it was not entitled to receive. The school then allegedly used this money for illegal purposes. The plaintiffs seek injunctions against the institution to make a leadership change as well as to keep future retaliation from happening.

When an employer in Wisconsin commits wrongdoings, someone ends up suffering. A whistleblower who tries to prevent this harm from occurring might end up being punished by an angry employer for speaking up about the problem. If the individual faces retaliation, he or she may choose to seek legal relief against the company. Understanding which facts must be documented in this type of civil suit is paramount for achieving a successful outcome.

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