Case against Apple may have implications for Wisconsin employers

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2014 | Employment Law

Apple is facing a lawsuit that claims the company failed to provide adequate opportunities for meals and breaks to its employees. The case states that Apple also failed to pay out final paychecks to employees in an expedient fashion. The suit claims that the practices are widespread throughout its operations.

The lawsuit was originally brought in 2011 but has since been certified as a class-action. At question is whether Apple violated the California Labor Code and Wage Orders, which require that opportunities for meals and breaks be provided to employees within a timely manner. The motion to certify the suit as class-action was granted by the California Superior Court and opens the suit up to being joined by more than 20,000 additional employees.

The way an employer asks workers to use their time can seem innocent enough, but there are specific legal requirements that govern the structure of an employee’s work day. Employee rights should be taken seriously, and a worker who has questions about whether a corporate practice infringes on those rights might consider seeking the counsel of a lawyer with labor law experience.

An attorney may be able to review a case and establish whether an employer has demonstrated a pattern of violating fair labor standards. While employers are given some leeway to address the complications of any given work week, they are not allowed to make constant demands about how an employee’s time is used. A labor law lawyer can help clarify whether a company’s practices might provide a worker with the basis for filing a lawsuit.

Source: Tech Crunch, “Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit In California Over Alleged Labor Violations Affecting 20K Employees“, Ingrid Lunden, July 22, 2014


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