Wisconsin medical or sick leave

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While Wisconsin has a law that requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide a certain amount of time off for medical leave, the state does not have an actual sick leave law. A paid leave law, or sick time, would allow an employee to take a certain number of days off per calendar year while still getting paid for those days.

There are several states and cities that have implemented mandatory sick time, including Massachusetts, Connecticut and California. However, the laws vary regarding who is covered and how the sick paid leave can be used. For example, in the city of San Francisco, all employees are covered. The amount of sick paid leave time they may take depends on the amount of time they worked; employees are allowed one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours that are worked, with a total limit of 40 hours of paid sick leave a year.

In Connecticut, only certain workers are covered while others are not. Under the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act, those who work at companies that employ more than 50 people are entitled to a certain amount of paid time off, which may be paid or unpaid.

For example, employees of either sex may take up to six weeks off for the birth or adoption of a child and two weeks off if a child, spouse or domestic partner becomes ill. Under this type of employment law, employers cannot interfere with or deny an employee of their time off. If the rights of the employee were violated under the law, they may be eligible to seek compensation for any wages that they lost due to refusal for working or for the time that they worked during their requested medical leave.

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