Failure to report sexual harassment in Wisconsin

On Behalf of | May 4, 2015 | Employment Law

According to some experts, people are frequently failing to file suit against employers for sexual harassment. A representative of the National Women’s Law Center has stated that the majority of harassment cases are not reported. These issues show up in both low-level and high-paying jobs, and the reasons for not reporting them are usually due to fear of retaliation, the desire to stay employed in a particular field and a desire to not have their life made public.

Many individuals who are the victim of harassment at work, be it from a boss or co-worker, do not do so because they are afraid of how it might affect their job. People are often concerned that even if they are not fired, they may be passed up for raises or promotions if they report these types of problems, even though such retaliatory action is prohibited.

Another consideration for some individuals is if they will be able to find another job in their industry if they file a lawsuit for harassment. For some people who have spent a large amount of time and effort to obtain a particular position in their organization, they may not want to risk it by filing a lawsuit.

Although retaliation is one of the main reasons that people shy away from reporting sexual harassment, the reality is that the practice is illegal. Federal employment statutes prohibit employers from responding to a sexual harassment report with adverse action, which may include failing to promote someone or terminating them. A lawyer could explain what someone’s rights and legal options are if they are facing sexual harassment at work and their employer is failing to address it.


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