You are protected against pregnancy discrimination

Many pregnant women in Wisconsin have walked into a job interview or held out hope for a big promotion only to be turned away due to their pregnancy related medical conditions. It is important that women are aware that they are protected against discrimination thanks to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Women who are the victims of discrimination experience embarrassment and financial hardships among many other consequences. This stress can be emotionally and physically strenuous, putting unnecessary strain on the health and wellbeing of the woman. For these reasons, it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a woman, as long as she has the physical ability to complete the job requirements, during the hiring process or while she is working for the employer. 

The employer must also provide reasonable accommodation for any pregnancy-related condition. This includes examples such as gestational diabetes or hypertension, where a woman might need to sit, walk or have a modified schedule. The employer is also required to follow standard rules and regulations for long term family and medical leave. Pregnant women are entitled to equal benefits that any other employee might receive and should remain covered under employer insurance that would normally be provided despite pregnancy. Failure to comply with any of these standards is discrimination.

Federal laws protect women from discrimination due to pregnancy. There are consequences for employers who do not follow the outlines set by the Civil Rights Act. If you believe that you have experienced discrimination, speaking with an experienced attorney could be beneficial.


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