Frequently broken laws by employers

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2016 | Employment Law

Many Wisconsin workers assume that if their employer does something, it must be legal. This is in large part due to a belief that the company they work for knows the laws and would not break them. However, there are a number of laws that are violated regularly in workplaces today, including disciplining people for comments made on social media and telling employees they cannot discuss their wages.

Employees are often afraid of speaking about their employer on Facebook, Yelp or other forms of social media because they are afraid of recourse being taken against them. However, the National Labor Relations Board has stated that employers are not allowed to punish people in that regard. According to the agency, employees have the right to band together in an effort to make changes, and even if the only outcome of this is complaining, it is still a protected act.

Another law that many companies break is when they tell employees that they are not allowed to discuss with their cohorts how much money they make. The National Labor Relations Act states that employees must be allowed to talk to each other about their income to be able to organize or unionize, should they want to.

Employment law provides a variety of protections for individuals. There are a number of rights that people have, including the right to be paid appropriately for all time worked and to not be discriminated against for things like race or gender. If workers feel that their employer is violating their rights, a lawyer could help them understand what protections they have and what their available remedies may be.


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