Police officers fight back against employer retaliation

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Whistle-blower Claims

It happens in Milwaukee and it happens in cities and towns across the nation as well. When people blow the whistle on improper or illegal behavior in the workplace, they are often subjected to retaliation by supervisors and employers; retaliation that is expressly prohibited by law.

We read recently of two police officers in New Jersey who reached an agreement to settle a retaliation claim against the city of Linwood for $400,000. One of the two officers is the current chief of police for the city.

The lawsuit was filed five years ago when the previous chief had created a “hostile and retaliatory work environment,” according to court documents.

Among the allegations against the previous chief was that he asked the two officers to lie about police protection for a woman who was later killed in a stabbing.

The new chief also alleged that the previous chief tried to influence him to share confidential information during labor contract negotiations and also to hatch a labor deal that would have financially favored the previous chief. When the previous chief’s attempts were rejected, he sought to “vilify and damage” the man who would one day replace him.

When a city settles a claim for hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is an acknowledgement that the claims made were not only persuasive, but backed by evidence.

This type of retaliation against whistleblowers can happen to city, county, state and federal employees, as well as those who work for Milwaukee businesses. The skilled employment law attorneys of Alan C. Olson & Associates can help protect your rights and pursue maximum compensation for damages in these matters.


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