For many employees, the most

For many employees, the most important things about their employer lie beyond the paycheck. Generous vacation, quality health insurance and a solid pension plan are some of the benefits people look for in companies today.

People are increasingly looking at family leave policies as well when they consider moving from one employer to another. As more companies enact paid family leave policies, those firms attract some of the brightest talent, and more important to their shareholders and management, they actually save money. 

That is the argument put forward by author Josh Levs, who says the costs to companies of family leave policies are widely misunderstood. For one thing, he writes in Newsweek, the businesses don’t pay the entire cost of the leaves. Instead, employees pay insurance premiums with small payroll deductions.

When a worker needs leave, they are provided a portion of their wages during their absence. For employers, having the paid leave available means they retain valuable, contributing employees and avoid retraining new employees.

The Society for Human Resource Management says it can cost up to 200 percent of a worker’s salary to replace that worker. So employers are saving money and retaining employees; all good for the bottom line.

Some employers have a different perspective on the bottom line, of course, believing that they prosper by denying family leave or discouraging its use.

For employees denied leave under the provisions of the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), a conversation with an experienced Milwaukee employment law attorney can clarify your options and begin the process of protecting your rights and benefits.


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