Hitting back against sexual orientation discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Employment Law

Life as a truck driver can be hard. Long hours on highways crisscrossing Wisconsin and the rest of the nation can be boring and sometimes dangerous.

Unfortunately, a tough job is sometimes made more difficult by the people you work with and the company you work for. A driver for an oil rig servicing company said in a recently filed lawsuit that he was harassed by his supervisor and co-workers because he is gay.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in the legal claim that the man’s immediate supervisor and co-workers repeatedly made offensive and homophobic statements. Bloomberg BNA reports that the federal agency claims that harassment based on sexual orientation is sex discrimination.

The driver complained to the North Dakota company about the harassment, but the firm did not take any steps to stop the behavior.

As you might know, Wisconsin has banned workplace harassment on the basis of sexual orientation since 1982. By state law, sexual orientation refers to being (or being perceived as) homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual.

That means a Milwaukee employer cannot discriminate against you because of your sexual orientation in matters such as hiring, firing, promotions and pay raises.

Though the Wisconsin law is clear, it is an unfortunate reality that the law is not always followed. When violations occur, a skilled employment law attorney can help you effectively fight for your rights and for justice. You can discuss the details of your situation with an experienced lawyer by contacting Alan C. Olson & Associates, s.c.


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