Former city worker alleges disability and race discrimination

It was originally a pot in which different types of metals were melted and combined. Today, we refer to America as a melting pot where different cultures, ethnicities, races, religions and more are blended.

Unfortunately, there are sometimes employers and managers who want to keep America’s rainbow of metals separate from each other. We read recently of a public works supervisor far south of Milwaukee who is charged with discrimination against a worker on the basis of race and disability.

The former Evansville worker’s employment law attorney said the man has filed a claim against the Indiana city seeking economic damages. He also wants the court to require the city administration “to undergo some sort of training on race and disability discrimination.”

The former city employee suffered an on-the-job back injury in late November of 2012. He returned to work in mid-January of 2013, but found that his supervisor began treating him in a harsh, condescending manner. The supervisor also forbade other workers from ever helping the man with assigned tasks and would even reprimand those who lent a hand.

According to a news report, the supervisor also referred to the former employee and other Hispanic workers as “stupid beaners.” The man complained twice to the supervisor, who brushed off the complaints by saying his wife is “Mexican” and that he makes similar comments to her.

The supervisor once allegedly explained a work assignment to the former worker by saying, “that’s what I have Mexicans for, to do this work.”

In his lawsuit, the former employee is asking to recover damages including lost pay and benefits, as well as lost job opportunities. He’s also asking the court for punitive damages.

We do not know how this case will eventually be resolved, but we do know that those in the Milwaukee area who have endured similar violations of employment law can speak with an experienced attorney at Alan C. Olson & Associates, s.c.



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