Death of Fox News founder doesn’t bury discrimination lawsuits

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Employment Law

For observers of Fox News who thought the recent death of founder Roger Ailes might stem the tide of litigation that has engulfed the network, the news is in: his passing has not changed much on that front. According to recent reports, three new lawsuits were filed just days after the death of the 77-year-old.

An attorney who represents nearly two dozen current or former Fox News employees suing the network, said Ailes wasn’t a defendant if any of the actions. He told CBS that most of the suits involve claims of discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, gender or race, as well as workplace retaliation.

The lawyer said that only a few claims against Fox News include allegations of sexual harassment, none involving Ailes.

The three recently filed lawsuits allege that a hostile work environment at Fox damaged or impeded careers or incomes.

Legal experts told CBS that most of the lawsuits against Fox will likely be resolved without a trial. Ailes was not named a defendant in most of the lawsuits filed last year by former employees, current employees and others.

The lawsuit by former Fox host Andrea Tantaros is an exception. She alleges that she was taken off of “The Five” after she complained that Ailes made unwanted sexual comments to her.

He denied her accusation.

We do not know how the various lawsuits will be resolved, but we do know that any fight against workplace harassment, discrimination or retaliation begins when an employee decides not to accept or condone improper conduct. The next step is to speak with a Milwaukee attorney experienced in employment law litigation.


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