Scores of sexual harassment claims in University of Wisconsin system

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Employment Law

A culture of sexual harassment has existed for decades at far too many businesses in Milwaukee and across the nation. Unfortunately, it has become apparent in recent days that even students and faculty at Wisconsin’s universities have been subjected to sexual harassment, retaliation, sexual assault and other forms of misconduct.

According to news reports, two- and four-year schools in the University of Wisconsin system have investigated nearly 100 sexual harassment claims since 2014.

UW officials provided to the Journal Sentinel a database of 56 complaints filed at all system schools but two: the Milwaukee and Madison campuses. The database included findings from school investigations of the allegations and outcomes.

According to a statement from the university system, sexual misconduct reports among employees are on the rise. Officials say the development is positive and means that victims are increasingly willing to speak up and identify harassers and assailants.

A news report states that at least one victim received a financial settlement from a state university last year, though terms of the agreement were not immediately made available to the media. It apparently involved harassment of a university employee who was fired after reporting the inappropriate behavior to a supervisor.

Sparse details about some of the incidents include an Oshkosh staffer who was fired after making unwanted sexual advances on several university employees and a Madison campus employee fired after engaging in sexual harassment.

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