Milwaukee climbs up list of worst cities for black Americans

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Though some progress has been made here over the years, black Americans living in Milwaukee make only half of what their white counterparts earn, Wisconsin Public Radio recently reported. African Americans are also 12 times more likely to be incarcerated than white city residents.

The radio network says a financial company has ranked Milwaukee the second worst city in the nation for black Americans to live in. Racine has similar disparities in income and criminal justice, and places third on the list of the 15 worst cities for black Americans compiled by 24/7 Wall St.

Far too often, African Americans are discriminated against in Milwaukee workplaces because of their race. It is unlawful to do so in regards to hiring or firing, compensation, promotion and other aspects of employment.

The 24/7 Wall St. report states that “disparities in socioeconomic measures exist to some degree nationwide. However, in certain cities, gaps in outcomes along racial lines are chasmic.”

According to the analysis of U.S. Census data, the median income of black households in Milwaukee is $27,834 per year. Compare that to the white median household of $65,568.

In Racine, the median income for African American households is $26,888; white household median income is more than twice as high at $63,507.

Unfortunately, the trend for African Americans in the two cities is downward. Last year, Milwaukee and Racine were listed third and fourth, respectively, on the 24/7 Wall St. list.

This year, Milwaukee and Racine trail only Waterloo-Cedar Falls, Iowa. Minneapolis-St. Paul places fourth, with Peoria, Illinois, fifth and Elmira, New York, sixth.

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