Technology to make reporting workplace misconduct easier

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2019 | Employment Law

Sometimes it seems as if the only thing that changes faster than technology is Milwaukee weather. Though we hold a world of information in our hands whenever we use our phones or laptops, it can still be difficult in some situations to get the right message to the proper person at the appropriate time.

A new platform has been developed to enable employees to more easily file sexual harassment complaints against a co-worker or company. Launched days ago, the BDA Ethics and Compliance Solution can also be used by Human Resources “to monitor false allegations, handle misinformation and avoid costly litigation,” a news article stated.

The service was launched by Bo Dietl, a former homicide detective who became a private investigator and something of a media figure with several minor film roles. Dietl was also a contributor to Fox News who made headlines in 2017 when he told the Wall Street Journal that Fox News founder Roger Ailes had asked him to investigate and find dirt on Gretchen Carlson, the long-time host who sued Ailes and Fox for sexual harassment and retaliation. She settled the suit for a reported $20 million.

Now Dietl says he has developed a way to help employees feel safer and more empowered to complain when inappropriate workplace misconduct takes place.

“No one should be the victim of any kind of harassment where the fear is so great that they can’t report it,” Dietl says. “You should be able to go to work and not worry.”

Other workplace reporting apps have also emerged, including Vault, which uses blockchain technology, as well as Bravely, AllVoices and Callisto.

When a person uses the BDA Ethics and Compliance Solution, it triggers a third-party investigation into the allegation and then a report of the findings is passed on to the employer. Unfortunately, some employers are unwilling to take measures needed to root out and stop misconduct.

A next step for employees is to contact an attorney experienced in employment law litigation to discuss their legal options. In Milwaukee, call Alan C. Olson & Associates to talk over your situation.


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