Cigna denies man with heart condition long-term disability

If you pay for long-term disability insurance, you expect to have coverage if a disability prevents you from working. Having long-term disability coverage seems to be a safe way to protect yourself and your family if a disability prevents you from working. And after years of paying monthly premiums, it can feel like you deserve payments if you need them.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often feel differently. A recent case in Chicago shows a man whose doctors told to stay home due to his heart health. Cigna, his health insurance provider, denied his claim for long-term disability benefits three times.

Three denials of disability

After the man had two heart attacks and a five-way bypass, doctors told him he needed to stay home and reduce stress. He left his job as a senior vice president of a popular magazine. He claims the presentations he had to do as part of his job stressed him and caused chest pains. But in three denials, Cigna said that his job was not stressful enough to prevent him from working.

A frustrating process

Denials of long-term disability claims can be frustrating. Appeals can take years to process. People who make claims for long-term disability insurance must have a large amount of doctor evidence that the disability affects their ability to perform their jobs. And insurance companies will often use their own doctors to give evidence that the people can still do their jobs despite the disability.

Gathering evidence

If you have long-term disability insurance, you shouldn’t have to worry about a denial for your claims. But if you develop a disability, you may face denial. You will want to gather as much evidence as you can for your claim. The evidence should explain why the disability prevents you from working. A lawyer can often help in organizing your evidence in an appeal.

If a disability prevents you from working, you will need the long-term disability insurance that you pay for to help you out. Understanding the process of making a claim may help you in getting approved.


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