How long do long-term disability benefits last?

The pain became unbearable at times as you have been socked with a one-two punch of ailments: arthritis and back pain. Routine tasks at home became difficult, while the pain also affects your ability to perform your manufacturing job. And you wonder whether you ever can return to your job.

Your inability to work leads you down the path toward seeking long-term disability benefits. While you understand that such benefits usually cover around 50% of your income, you wonder how long they will last. The answer is that it all depends on the insurance policy your company has in place.

Some plans last up to 10 years

The duration of long-term disability insurance benefits vary. For example, some plans pay benefits for three to 10 years. Other plans may pay through the age of 65. You also must make sure that you qualify for long-term disability insurance. Here are some of the terms:

  • A person typically must work for his or her employer for a certain length of time before insurance coverage begins.
  • A person must be a full-time employee, working 30 hours or more weekly.
  • Depending on the plan your company has in place, a person may need to be contributing to the plan as part of the company’s benefits package. However, some companies automatically offer long-term disability insurance, and employees need not pay a premium.

Another matter to keep in mind is that long-term disability benefits are not just limited to providing financial assistance. Larger companies may pay for occupational retraining if an employee is no longer able to perform his or her job.

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