Being short staffed is no excuse for unfair treatment

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You may recently have been forced to forego your scheduled vacation days or have been forced to work longer hours than usual due to the excuse of “short staffing.” Perhaps a boss then told you that they had no plans to pay overtime. This is no excuse in Wisconsin or anywhere else.

Situations where you have the right to time off

There are certain situations where your employee rights must take precedence over “short staffing” or any other excuse offered by your boss or company owner.

You also have the right to time off with no questions asked if you yourself are suffering from any kind of serious health condition. Keep in mind that these rights will apply only if you have worked for more than 52 weeks and at least 1,000 hours at your present position.

One of the most important leaves is when you are about to give birth or adopt a child. You are also qualified to take time off with no legal repercussions when you need to take care of a family member. This is all the more true if they happen to be suffering from a very serious health condition.

Certain privileges are not necessarily guaranteed

There are certain perks that do not have to be legally provided by an employer. If you are over 18, Wisconsin law does not require an employer to give you a rest or meal break. They also don’t have to guarantee you vacation time. However, if you work more than 40 hours in a week, they are required to pay you overtime.

You can file a claim for unfair treatment

If you believe that you have been worked extra hard with no compensation, you don’t have to accept it. Now is the time for you to meet with an experienced attorney at Alan C. Olson & Associates. Depending on the specific circumstances of your situation, you may be able to file a claim for unfair treatment. You can be compensated for your loss of overtime, vacation pay, and other hardships.


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