Applying for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin

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The Wisconsin unemployment insurance program provides financial assistance to eligible Badger State residents who are between jobs. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development administers the employer-funded program, and the benefits unemployed individuals receive are not need-based. If you are unemployed, have become partially employed or anticipate being laid off in the next 13 weeks, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. To apply for benefits, you should visit Unemployment claims in Wisconsin are usually processed within seven days.

Eligibility for unemployment benefits

Not every unemployed individual in Wisconsin qualifies for unemployment benefits. Benefits are paid to workers who lose their jobs for an approved reasons. Workers who quit their jobs or are fired for misconduct or other at-fault reasons are not usually eligible to receive them. If you apply for unemployment benefits after being fired or quitting, a WDWD representative will contact both you and your last employer to determine whether or not you qualify. This process can take up to three weeks.

Maintaining eligibility for unemployment benefits

Recipients are expected to actively look for employment. They are required to take at least four actions related to finding employment each week, and they must keep a record of their efforts. Qualifying job search actions include submitting employment applications, posting resumes and attending interviews. Unemployment benefits recipients also make weekly claim certifications. During the certification process, they may be asked about their job searches and other sources of income. Recipients who are not enrolled in schooling or approved training are required to register with Wisconsin Job Service unless they will be returning to work within eight weeks.

Help with unemployment benefits claims

Unemployment benefits help individuals to make ends meet while they are out of work. Weekly payments are based on prior earnings, but the program has strict eligibility requirements. If you have been denied unemployment benefits or are worried that your application will be denied, an attorney with experience in this area could study the facts of your case and provide you with advice. If your claim was denied unfairly, Alan C. Olson & Associates can help you to navigate the appeal process.


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