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For many employees, the most

For many employees, the most important things about their employer lie beyond the paycheck. Generous vacation, quality health insurance and a solid pension plan are some of the benefits people look for in companies today. People are increasingly looking at family leave policies as well when they consider moving from one employer to another. As more companies enact paid family leave policies, those firms attract some of the brightest talent, and more important to their shareholders and management, they actually save money. 

Why moms are in desperate need of maternity leave

Ask any Milwaukee family and they will tell you having a child is not an easy endeavor. Cravings to childbirth are just the beginning. After bringing the little bundle of joy home families face numerous challenges both in and outside the home.

Honesty is the best policy for worker and company in FMLA case

The Family and Medical Leave Act sometimes seems too good to be true. Under both the federal and Wisconsin laws, an eligible employee is allowed to take up to 12 weeks of leave without pay for major life events. The birth or adoption of a child, a personal health emergency and the serious illness of a member of the employee's immediate family are just a few examples.

Woman fired after she donates kidney, FMLA may not apply

A 41-year-old woman took time away from her employer in order to donate one of her kidneys to her 22-year-old son. The woman believed she would be able to return to her job, but the company the woman worked for fired her for taking too much leave time. Unfortunately, the Family and Medical Leave Act may not apply to the woman's situation because the woman's employer may not employ enough workers for it to be applicable. Even though she is currently jobless, the woman says she would make the choice to help her son all over again.

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