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Rural areas depend more on Social Security Disability Income

The national debt is in the news a lot these days and a part of the conversation is how to lower federal spending by adjusting Social Security programs including Social Security Disability Income. Any changes in Social Security programs would disproportionately affect rural areas of Wisconsin because rural areas across the United States generally depend more on Social Security benefits than urban areas like Milwaukee.

For sick days some places move beyond FMLA

When you get sick, you probably want to take time off from work in order to recover faster and prevent your sickness from spreading. When it comes to a family member who gets sick especially children you want to help them do the same. The Family and Medical Leave Act allows eligible workers to take unpaid time off when sick. Some places are expanding the rights of sick workers even further.

The fight for paid sick days

Most employees around the country do not have legally guaranteed paid sick days from their employer. While the Family Medical Leave Act guarantees eligible employees unpaid leave to take care of ill loved ones, there is no national law that guarantees paid sick leave for individual employees. The fight for legally guaranteed paid sick leave is being fought across the United States, and Wisconsin has been actively involved but not successful.

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