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My boss is evil. Will I receive unemployment if I quit?

Employees who quit their jobs with "good cause" attributable to the employer are entitled to collect unemployment insurance benefits. A recent Iowa case gained national attention over the past week because the circumstances were so unusual. Even Seth Meyers of NBC's Saturday Night Live mentioned the case during the October 8, 2011 Weekend Update.

What must I do weekly to collect unemployment benefits?

Some employees who are otherwise entitled to unemployment insurance benefits find themselves with the false impression that they do not have to file claims, or that they have no obligations in the unemployment compensation system. However, at a minimum, employees are required to file claims each week they remain unemployed, answer a series of questions from the Unemployment Division, and usually, apply for work. It's important that filing employees answer the questions from the State honestly and accurately in order to ensure the proper and timely payment of benefits.

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