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ADA v ADAAA: Firefighter loses discrimination claim

Plenty of people in Wisconsin have a disability but are still able to work. The Americans with Disabilities Act serves to protect citizens with disabilities from discrimination. Amendments to the act were passed in 2009 to offer even broader protections.

Wisconsin county pays hefty settlement in discrimination suit

On the eve of Mother's Day, we thought we would discuss a settlement reached at the end of April between Waupaca County and a sheriff's deputy who just happens to be a woman. While the county maintains there was no violation of the deputy's civil rights, the settlement awards the deputy back pay with interest, attorney's fees and damages -- about $142,000 all told.

EEOC: Retaliation tops list in discrimination charges

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that the agency received a record number of discrimination charges in 2011. Once again, charges of retaliation were the most common, with race discrimination charges a close second.

Wisconsin Convenience Store Sued for Disability Discrimination

On May 25, 2011, the EEOC filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against Meffert Oil Company, Inc., which owns and operates BP One Stop stores in Waunakee, Wisconsin. The EEOC sued the company for allegedly firing an employee because of her disabilities. The employee at issue, who suffers from interstitial familial pulmonary fibrosis and panic attacks, alleges that the Defendant fired her for leaving work to seek medical attention for her disabilities.

EEOC Sees Spike in Job Discrimination Claims

Over the last year the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has received the greatest amount of complaints in its entire history. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cites the state of the economy and a more diverse workforce as the central factors that have made the past year more active than previous years. In 2010, the Commission filed 250 lawsuits, settled 285 lawsuits, fielded 100,000 new complaints and resolved almost 105,000 complaints from the private sector.

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