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Posts tagged "employer retaliation"

SC Johnson in hot water as whistle-blower's suits get approval

A former SC Johnson & Son employee said he was fired by the company after reporting tax fraud allegations to federal officials in 2008. Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, it is a felony offense to take any retaliatory action against a whistle-blower on corporate fraud.

Police dog abuse whistle-blower case may move forward, cont.

We are continuing our discussion of a case that will be of special interest to Milwaukee's animal lovers. The animals in question here were police dogs. When a sheriff's deputy agreed to speak with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals about a coworker's abuse of the dogs, he did so with the understanding that his identity would not be revealed. He feared retaliation.

Court allows police dog abuse whistle-blower case to move forward

Not every whistle-blower case involves corporate malfeasance on an epic scale. Not every whistle-blower case garners the attention of '60 Minutes' or earns a headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Most of the time, the case involves a regular employee who reports wrongful or illegal conduct on the part of his employer only to lose his job for his trouble.

What Counts as a Complaint under the Fair Labor Standards Act? - Part 2

In our last post, we discussed the background of a Fair Labor Standards Act case before the Supreme Court that dealt with alleged worker retaliation and the definition of "filing a complaint." In this post, we will discuss the arguments the Supreme Court heard in the case.

What Counts as a Complaint under the Fair Labor Standards Act? - Part 1

The United States Supreme Court recently heard arguments about whether an employee who walks up to a supervisor to inform the supervisor of a potential illegal act counts as filing a formal complaint with an employer. The question will play a role in helping the Supreme Court decide whether a former plastics worker will get retaliation protection under the Fair Labor Standards Act. In this post, we will discuss the events that led up to the arguments before the United States Supreme Court. In the next post, we will discuss the arguments on both sides of the issue.

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