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Whistle-blower claim points to fraud at for-profit colleges

Whenever an employer in Wisconsin is engaged in fraud or another illegal activity, an employee who knows of these activities can report the actions to authorities. Filing such a report can put employees in an awkward position, as the employer might then retaliate by firing them. This, however, is illegal and the employee can then file a retaliation lawsuit.

Company to pay $95 million for violating False Claims Act

When someone here in Wisconsin, or anywhere in the United States, learns about a person or business committing fraud against the U.S. government, he or she can file a legal claim on behalf of the government under the False Claims Act. Doing so is fairly complicated, and it can result in the accused party retaliating against the complainant, but it also can result in bringing the fraudulent party to justice.

Former IRS examiner arrested for naming whistle-blower

When an employee in Wisconsin decides to blow the whistle on his or her employer by exposing fraud, he or she can generally do this anonymously. Depending on which government whistleblower program the claim falls under, employees may be able to file the claim completely anonymously, or they may have to tell the government who they are, but not their their employers.

Blowing the whistle under False Claims Act is harder than it seems

Many Wisconsin residents may have heard last week that a whistle-blower has been awarded $104 million for reporting wrongdoings of his former employer UBS. The bank reportedly helped wealthy Americans to hide assets. This award could be largest payout ever given in a whistle-blower case.

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