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Doctors decry lax Social Security Disability evaluation guidelines

Wisconsin workers who suffer from severe workplace injuries or other disabling medical conditions may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Disability benefits are available as a type of insurance benefit for workers that have paid into the national disability insurance system and are no longer able to work due to a disability. Supplemental Security Income benefits are similar to disability benefits and available to individuals with short or nonexistent work histories.

Disabled driver, 50, tired of unfounded complaints

West Bend police say they have a pile of civilian complaints about a local man. Other drivers have been calling about the 50-year-old's driving since 2007. The driver in question, though, believes he is the victim of discrimination and wants the harassment to stop.

Hard to navigate wintry Madison in a wheelchair

Even though the city of Madison, Wisconsin does a good job of complying with big ticket components of the Americans with Disabilities Act like mainline bus accessibility, wheelchair users say getting around the city in the winter is a strenuous activity. The conditions on the sidewalks and streets like piles of snow left by snowplows or unshoveled sidewalks make traversing the city hard for people in wheelchairs to use the streets.

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