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Woman's therapy kangaroo challenged under ADA

A woman from Oklahoma who suffers from depression has found relief from her condition in the form of a kangaroo. The kangaroo is the woman's therapy pet, and the woman's therapist has even certified the kangaroo as a therapy pet under the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, the city where the woman lives believes the kangaroo presents a public safety risk and the woman is seeking an exemption from the city council to keep her unique therapy pet.

The definition of a service animal

Many of us are familiar with the idea of a dog serving as a service animal, but people in the state of Washington currently have a greater array when it comes to picking out a helpful animal. Under the state's current law monkeys, parrots, snakes, ferrets, lizards and full-size horses have been brought into restaurants under the guise of service animals. The state's current loose definition of service animal allows nondisabled people with pets to push the envelope of the service animal meaning.

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