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Paid or unpaid leave: Debate could affect Wisconsin workers

Many workers with families often worry about becoming sick or their children becoming sick. Having to take unpaid leave can run the risk of putting a family in a financial struggle due to lost wages. The idea of employers being required to allow employees sick days with pay has been taken up in many states. However, some employers see paid sick days as too costly for their companies, and some locations which adopted the policy, including a Wisconsin city, have reversed the decision.

Mayor Bloomberg is likely to kill paid sick time measure

A major challenge for many Wisconsin residents is to strike a comfortable balance between work life and home life. Most people who work and have families want to spend enough time on the job to build a successful career, as well as fit in a significant amount of time at home with loved ones. Some employers are more accommodating than others in allowing their workers to find this sweet spot.

Court: employers must be fair with FMLA leave-takers

Many Wisconsin employers are obligated by law to provide employees with 12-weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for certain family and medical reasons. While people tend to associate the Family Medical Leave Act with maternity leave, it also applies to employees who have serious health conditions that make them unable to work, and to employees who must care for a very ill spouse or child.

Can you take FMLA leave to care for your ailing or dying parent?

Under the Family Medical Leave Act, employees may take unpaid and job-protected leave for 12 weeks for the birth, adoption or foster care of a child; to deal with a serious health condition; or to care for a spouse, child or parent who has a serious health condition. There are also further opportunities to take leave for members of the military and their immediate family members.

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