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Whistleblowers fired at Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is one of the nation's largest banks, but it has been embroiled in scandal after revelations that employees illegally opened as many as 2 million unauthorized accounts. The latest shockwave to roil the company came when members of Congress spoke at a recent hearing about how Wells Fargo workers who reported the illegal activities were fired for blowing the whistle. Rep. Gwen Moore of Milwaukee said a woman who worked for the bank in her district was pushed out after filing a complaint about the unethical sales activities that resulted in the unauthorized accounts.

Taking action when an employer engages in questionable or illegal business activities

Upon being hired and throughout one's time as an employee with a company, he or she may be required to complete various training courses. Often, topics related to business ethics and applicable company policies are included in these training materials and sessions.

Whistle-blower protection bill sent to Obama's desk

Back in August we discussed the Justice Department's decision to appoint a whistle-blower ombudsman to help ensure that whistle-blower violations in the government are well investigated, and now a bill is before President Barack Obama that would enhance whistle-blower protections further.

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