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Long-Term Disability Benefits Archives

Wisconsin long-term disability reform

Long-term disability benefits are notoriously difficult to attain due to the fact that the long-term disability insurance companies often look for any opportunity to deny the claim. Although long-term disability insurance is designed to protect employees in the event they become disabled prior to retirement, they do not always pay the benefits to which claimants are entitled. In Wisconsin and on a national level, the debate continues as reform for long-term disability becomes necessary.

Long-term disability benefits mean a new year and a new future?

As the new year approaches, new perspectives and goals for the future are born. Communities nationwide will work to create more opportunities for individuals and organizations. One specific Wisconsin community, the disabled community, is working toward such an effort to improve upon the future for people with disabilities. The community is hopeful for changes and advancements to long-term disability benefits, among other things.

Long-term disability benefits for loved ones in need

The holidays are a time of being surrounded by loved ones and celebration. However, such time spent together can reveal the declining health of a relative. Caring for a family member as they grow older and less able to care for themselves may seem daunting, especially if geographical factors keep relatives far apart. For some Wisconsin residents, long-term disability benefits can take the financial burden of healthcare away, leaving only peace of mind in its place.

Long-term disability recipients may lose out on benefits

Injury or illness can keep individuals out of work and facing financial challenges, and applying for long-term disability benefits can be complex and long-winded. Disabled or injured workers in Wisconsin can take steps to secure the benefits deserved in a time of need. Recently it was noted that, as Wisconsin's FoodShare program begins to take a hit, many long-term disability recipients may be affected.

Long-term disability claim denied: how to take action

Americans receive unfair long-term disability denial claims every single day despite serious illness and injury. Some insurance companies love to take money in premiums but often hate to pay claims. Simply stated, in a profit-making insurance company; shareholders come first, policyholders come second. Wisconsin policyholders have the right to take action if their claim is denied. Recently, one policyholder filed a lawsuit against an employer for failure to accommodate long-term disability coverage.

Wisconsin's long-term disability benefits: Potential changes

With increasing frequency, insurance companies are wrongfully denying persons disability benefits as a means to increase corporate profits. There are new challenges that continually present themselves in the battle for long-term disability benefits. Recently, legislation was set in motion to change benefits for employees in Wisconsin.

Decrease in long-term disability: New drug for stroke patients

Seeking long-term disability benefits can be long and arduous road. Access to medical innovation is responsible for keeping large numbers of United States. residents off long-term disability who would have otherwise joined them. Recent reports in Wisconsin reveal that a new drug therapy method reduces functional disability and the need for long-term disability benefits.

Wisconsin teachers worried that long-term disability dropped?

Some teachers in a county of Wisconsin are unsure if they will be able to receive some of the benefits that the school district is scheduled to discontinue. The members of the Kenosha school board have made a decision to drop some of the coverage for teachers, both still active and retired. One of the considered changes that has caused the most discontent and uncertainty is the long-term disability benefits. The Wisconsin school district authorities have stated that the rising costs of all benefits and insurance are the main reason that they have decided to discontinue it.

With long-term disability and jobless: 6 out of 10 in Wisconsin

A report issued by an advocacy group showed that about 124,000 working age men and women with disabilities in Wisconsin were employed in 2011. The report also showed that 210,000 men and women with disabilities were also jobless during that same time. That works out to six out of 10 working age individuals with a long-term disability having been unemployed in America's Dairyland State in 2011.

ERISA and DOMA: Where you live, where you work

When federal laws are enacted, they apply to all 50 states. For example, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act provides rules and requirements for qualified retirement plans provided by employers from 401(k)s to long-term disability insurance. Although this law applies to all 50 states equally, does it affect residents in Wisconsin the same way it does in Minnesota? The answer is, not always.

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