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Wage and Hour Laws Archives

New Fair Labor Standards Act rule helps nursing moms

In March 2010, a new rule under the Fair Labor Standards Act took effect that required employers to provide nursing mothers sufficient breaks to pump breast milk and clean, private areas to do so during the first year of a newborn's life. The rule is a federal rule and many states have their own unique state laws on the issue. Despite the new labor law, many workplaces have failed to implement the new federal policy.

Company ordered to pay mentally disabled workers under the FLSA

According to the United States Department of Labor a federal judge recently ordered a food manufacturing company to pay $1.76 million to former workers who are mentally disabled for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The order was a part of a partial summary judgment order that alleged the company abused and underpaid multiple mentally disabled employees who worked at a company plant.

Top three labor law trends including Wage and Hour laws

There are three employment law trends that employers are following. The three labor law areas are Wage and Hour laws; sexual orientation, religious and disability discrimination and violence and bullying. Wage and Hour law violations remain the number one area of violation.

Employee wins Fair Labor Standards Act case at Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of an employee in a Fair Labor Standards Act case. The Supreme Court ruled that workers who complain to their employers about wage violations are protected from retaliation whether the complaint is written or oral. The issue in the case was whether the phrase "filed any complaint" from the Fair Labor Standards Act applied to written complaints only. Much of the parties arguments' and the Court's discussion centered on whether an oral complaint could be filed.

ABA program helps Labor Department with Wage and Hour Law claims

Every year thousands of employees submit various labor law claims to the Department of Labor. The labor law claims touch on various areas of the law such as Wage and Hour Law violations like overtime and minimum wage problems or family medical leave law violations. Faced with an overwhelming number of complaints, the Department of Labor has teamed with the American Bar Association to create a program that refers labor claims placed with the Labor Department with attorneys in private practice.

A continued look at grain bin accidents

During a post last month, we talked about the story of three boys who were trapped in the bottom of a grain bin in Illinois. Two of the boys, a 14-year-old and a 19-year-old died during the accident. An investigation by the United States Labor Department found the owners of the grain bin to have violated child labor laws under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Since our initial discussion of the case more facts have come to light.

Pharmaceutical companies lose wage and hour lawsuit

Two pharmaceutical companies, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Schering Corp., were dealt a blow in a federal wage and hour lawsuit that challenged federal overtime law. The United States Supreme Court denied the drug companies' petition to review a ruling made by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which is a federal appeals court that has jurisdiction over the federal district courts of New York, Connecticut and Vermont. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that drug company sales representatives were covered by federal overtime laws.

Teenager died because of FLSA violation

Over the last year more grain bin workers in the United States have been killed in grain entrapments than at any other time since records were first kept in 1978. Safety violations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have also increased regarding the operation of grain facilities across the United States including Wisconsin. Last year 25 workers were killed in grain entrapments.

New Study Exposes Wage Violations for Day Laborers

A recent study conducted by the Seton Hall Law School Center for Social Justice has found that day laborers more often than not experience wage and hour law violations, a lack of proper safety equipment and other labor law violations made by employers. The study reviewed the workplace realities of 113 workers in the day labor market at seven different pick-up sites throughout the state of New Jersey.

Largest Cement Company in United States Ordered to Comply with FLSA

A Monterey, Mexico based cement company with its United States headquarters in Houston, Texas has been ordered by the United States Labor Department to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act. The cement company owes workers in nine states $1.5 million in back wages. The order was announced on Thursday.

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