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Social Security Disability Archives

Wisconsin residents can file for Social Security Disability

Research shows that 25 percent of young people today will suffer a disability by the time they reach the age of 67. The application process for Social Security Disability and SSI disability benefits can be difficult due to how long a claim can take and the high chance of being denied. Wisconsin applicants who are denied can learn about the system and file an appeal.

Social Security Administration issues a warning

Like many Americans, individuals are finding the need to file for Social Security benefits and expediting the claim to improve the chances of approval is often necessary. Social Security applicants commonly need all of the extra subsidies available, and a successful claim is often difficult to secure. Adding to the difficulty, Wisconsin recipients of Social Security Benefits have recently been warned by the Social Security Administration that the benefits may be at risk for loss if the debt ceiling cannot be raised this month.

The impact of the government shutdown on Social Security disability

October 2013 image.jpgAll sorts of government programs, from the National Parks to National Monuments, to military bases, are closing due to the government shutdown.  As the government begins to close its doors for various services and projects, many disabled individuals are left wondering if they will continue to receive their Social Security disability checks, and for those still waiting for benefits they are left wondering what will happen to their case.

Social Security Disability: Securing benefits for those in need

The saying, "If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" rings particularly true for two local men in Wisconsin. In fact, they bring a whole new dimension to the phrase. Two disabled men in our state have been brought together seemingly by fate to help one another and to lobby for Social Security Disability benefits and other programs for people with disabilities.

Apply for Social Security disability online in Wisconsin

Situations may arise which may make someone unable to work. Many people who suffer from a disability apply for Social Security disability benefits. A disability is something that diminishes one’s ability to work or do certain tasks and sometimes a disability can be caused by an injury or a car accident. The traditional way for approval is to visit the local SSA office in Wisconsin. Now, those who are disabled can apply for benefits online.

Social Security disability can benefit injured Wisconsin citizens

For most people in Wisconsin, thinking about an injury putting a career to end is not a pleasant prospect. Unfortunately, though, sometimes injuries or illnesses do prevent an individual from being able to continue plying their normal trade or career. When this happens, Social Security disability can be a well-deserved and necessary safety net that helps them make ends meet from month to month. For this reason, it is worth learning about just how this benefit works.

Social Security Disability applications include report form

Social Security Disability is an invaluable resource provided by the U.S. Government to those who are unable to work due to disability. Social Security Disability claims vary from psychological disabilities to physical disabilities. Depending on one's disability and income history prior to the disability, disability benefits awarded to Wisconsin residents can vary dramatically. For this reason, many individuals seek the support of a professional for assistance when filing a Social Security Disability claim.

Judges sue Social Security Administration over disability process

Many Wisconsin residents can attest to the troubles that come with being overworked. Having too much on your plate at work can affect your personal life, your social life and your health--not to mention your performance on those actual work tasks. The latter is apparently a problem for Social Security disability administrative law judges, according to a lawsuit that was filed last week.

Is the Social Security disability program facing crisis?

The Social Security Administration's solvency or lack thereof is frequently in the news here in Wisconsin. It has been forecast that the administration's trust fund will be exhausted sometime in the 2030s, which means that by that time taxes will need to be raised to fund the program or benefits will need to be cut. Politicians argue back and forth about what to do about this issue, most often focusing on the retirement benefits that are most commonly associated with Social Security.

Would government shutdown affect Social Security disability?

As many people in Wisconsin are aware, earlier in March the federal government announced budget cuts across the board. This has been called the "sequester," and it has hit a number of areas of government--from education to agriculture to the criminal justice system.

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