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Social Security Disability Archives

Debt deal allows for more disability benefit reviews

The debt deal created and signed into law at the beginning of the week, will not cap the Social Security Administration's ability to conduct continuing eligibility reviews on those who received Social Security Disability Insurance. The debt deal created an exemption to spending caps in order to allow the agency to conduct more reviews and an increased number of reviews may lead to cost savings for the agency.

Heart disease and Social Security Disability Insurance

Heart disease affects millions of Americans and many people in the United States who have heart disease and are unable to work because of the disease turn to Social Security Disability Insurance for support. Those who have heart disease and look to Social Security Disability for assistance may have an easier time applying in the future. The Social Security Administration is currently considering whether to add heart disease to its list of conditions that qualify for a Compassionate Allowance.

Social Security Disability Judge retires during investigation

A Social Security Disability judge subject to multiple investigations because of his disproportionately high approval rate of disability benefits retired last week. The story of the judge's high disability approval rate has created the impetus for an overall review of the methods that Social Security Disability judges use to determine approval of disability benefits.

New info shows approval of Social Security Disability appeal may depend on judge

According to new information on the number of approved Social Security Disability Income appeals cases, the likelihood of having a disability benefits appeals case approved may depend on the discretion of the judge that decides the case. There is a growing disparity in approval rates among the Social Security Administration's 1,400 administrative law judges. According to federal data, some judges are inclined to approve most of the cases that come before them and others are inclined to deny most cases.

Study suggests Social Security Disability appeals backlog growing

The Social Security Administration implemented efforts four-and-one-half years ago to reduce the backlog of Social Security Disability appeals cases, but despite the Administration's best efforts a recent study suggests the backlog has grown over the last year because of a jump in new applications. Over the past two years, the Social Security Disability Income program has struggled to handle the wave of new applicants for disability benefits. The wave of new applicants is likely related to the slow economic recovery.

Social Security Disability judge put on leave

An administrative law judge that hears Social Security Disability appeals cases has been put on paid leave by the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration began an investigation of the administrative law judge just over two weeks ago. The investigation came in response to an article published by the Wall Street Journal that detailed the federal judge's history of approving the vast majority of his cases.

Compassionate Allowances in Social Security Disability

There is a list of conditions which Social Security has deemed "Compassionate Allowances" and almost always results in an award of Social Security Disability benefits. This list of conditions is as close as Social Security comes to a guaranteed award of may 2011 image.jpgbenefits based on diagnosis alone. The list includes many forms of cancer including acute leukemia, esophageal, gallbladder, liver and pancreatic. It also includes diagnoses of ALS, early-onset Alzheimer's and Leigh's Disease. The conditions identified as Compassionate Allowances are conditions that are not expected to improve, even with aggressive treatment.

SSA investigates Social Security Disability judge

The Social Security Administration has begun an investigation of a Social Security Disability judge with a high award rate. The investigation operated by the Social Security Administration's inspector general's office was initiated when United States Senator Orrin Hatch questioned the process of how Social Security Disability benefits are awarded and the high rate of appeals approved by one administrative law judge.

By 2013 all Social Security Disability Income beneficiaries will receive checks electronically

Over the next two years Social Security Disability Income beneficiaries and those receiving other federal benefits including Social Security will receive their benefits checks by electronic means. The United States Department of Treasury will no longer issue paper Social Security checks and will issue benefits through its Go Direct program. Through Social Security's Go Direct program, beneficiaries will receive their benefits either by direct deposit or on a prepaid debt card.

Social Security Disability with Fibromyalgia

Part of the analysis to determine eligibility for disability benefits by the Social Security Administration requires proof a "medically determinable impairment". Simply put, there must be medical documentation to show that an individual has an actual medical condition, a diagnosis, and has received some form of treatment for that condition. Generally, we look for clinical testing and objective evidence such as bloodwork, MRIs, X-rays and easily observed symptoms. Subjective complaints such as pain as then considered secondary to the medical documents.

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