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Fair Labor Standards Act Archives

Unpaid interns sue Fox Searchlight Pictures under FLSA

Enforcing your employment rights as an unpaid intern can be a sticky issue. Two unpaid interns who provided their services to Fox Searchlight Pictures during the production of the movie "The Black Swan" have filed a lawsuit against the film company for failing to pay minimum wage and overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Groupon sued over Fair Labor Standards Act violations

Internet darling Groupon has recently been sued by a former employee for allegedly violating federal overtime law under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Fair Labor Standards Act sets the federal rules on minimum wage, overtime compensation for eligible employees and rules on employees under age 18. The former Groupon sales representative alleges she was not paid overtime for the period of time she worked for the company.

Labor Department investigating home builders for FLSA violations

The United States Labor Department is undertaking an investigation of some of the country's top home builders. The top companies in home building are being investigated for violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Fair Labor Standards Act governs issues like overtime pay, minimum wage and employing workers under the age of 18.

Berry farms fined under FLSA for illegally employing children

Three berry farms were recently fined under the Fair Labor Standards Act for illegally employing children as young as six years old. Officials with the Labor Department discovered nine children between the ages of 6 to eleven who were working with their parents harvesting berries. The three farms located in Washington state were collectively fined $73,050.

Labor Department tackles wage and hour enforcement at farms

While it is not currently slated to occur in Wisconsin, the United States Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division is executing an initiative on labor law compliance in the agricultural industry along the East Coast. The initiative is being conducted to ensure compliance among employers and to remind workers about their rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act's Field Sanitation Standard.

Many unpaid internships likely violate Fair Labor Standards Act

Summer is normally a time for many high school and college students to gain work experience. Often, students turn towards internships and more and more many students turn to unpaid internships in order to gain valuable and applicable work experience that will enhance their future careers. The tough economy has likely made unpaid internships more popular for students in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the country. Beware, unpaid internships must meet specific criteria under the Fair Labor Standards Act otherwise the intern must be paid.

Some lawmakers challenge state and FLSA child labor laws

Some state lawmakers across the United States and at least one member of Congress are challenging decades old child labor laws at the state and federal level. State child labor laws have been challenged in states like Maine and Missouri, and one Congressman has questioned the constitutionality of federal child labor laws under the Fair Labor Standards Act. While child labor laws in Wisconsin are not under threat, the recent activity shows a growing trend of hostility toward labor law.

New Labor Dept. app to help workers log hours under FLSA

The United States Labor Department has created a new tool to help workers and employers sort out hours under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act has been the largest wage and hour law issue every year across the nation. Hourly employees and employers fight each other every year over additional hours spent on the job and about proper compensation. Like so many other issues, there is now an app for that.

New Fair Labor Standards Act rule helps nursing moms

In March 2010, a new rule under the Fair Labor Standards Act took effect that required employers to provide nursing mothers sufficient breaks to pump breast milk and clean, private areas to do so during the first year of a newborn's life. The rule is a federal rule and many states have their own unique state laws on the issue. Despite the new labor law, many workplaces have failed to implement the new federal policy.

Company ordered to pay mentally disabled workers under the FLSA

According to the United States Department of Labor a federal judge recently ordered a food manufacturing company to pay $1.76 million to former workers who are mentally disabled for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The order was a part of a partial summary judgment order that alleged the company abused and underpaid multiple mentally disabled employees who worked at a company plant.

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