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Whistle-Blower Claims Archives

Regional hospital settles False Claims Act lawsuit for $84.5M

A regional hospital system based in the upper Midwest has agreed to settle a whistleblower lawsuit for $84.5 million. The allegations arose before the healthcare organization was formed -- new management took over after the merger that created the new organization. However, as a successor business, the regional hospital system has agreed to make things right.

A culture of retribution persists at the VA

Three years ago, a scandal regarding over-prescription of medications erupted at a Wisconsin VA hospital about three hours west of Milwaukee. Substandard care for veterans at the Tomah facility was only exposed when a whistleblower bravely stepped forward and pointed out wrongdoing.

VA watchdog v. VA Secretary in battle over whistleblowers

On one side there is the acting Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Peter O'Rourke and on the other side, the VA's watchdog, Inspector General Michael Missal. In between are the whistleblowers -- those brave enough to step forward and report fraud being committed against the U.S. governmental agency.

Nursing Home Settles Therapy Whistleblower Suit For Roughly $30M

A large nursing home operator in the south has settled a whistleblower lawsuit for more than $30 million. Signature HealthCARE, LLC, owns roughly 125 facilities and regularly seeks reimbursement from Medicare. Two former therapy employees for the nursing home company noted that the facilities were billing Medicare for rehabilitation therapy services that were over-inflated. An investigation revealed that the company billed Medicare for services that were not reasonable, necessary, and skilled, according to the Department of Justice.

Whistleblowers In Defense Contractor Lawsuit To Receive $4.4M

Branches of the United States military often rely on contractors to provide services to benefit the Armed Forces. Defense contractors employ civilians to perform these services. Yet, if a defense industry contractor seeks to pad its own bottom line through overbilling, the federal government may not necessarily be able to detect fraudulent billing practices. For that reason, the federal False Claims Act allows private individuals to bring forth information about unfair and unlawful billing practices to protect taxpayers and the government from fraudulent practices.

DOJ Joins Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Construction Contractor

In late April, media outlets around the nation's capital reported that problems were detected with concrete that was poured in a $2.6 billion project to extend rail service to Dulles International Airport. More recently, news reports emerged that allege that a subcontractor knowingly allowed the defective concrete panels to be installed in the project.

Owners Of Methadone Treatment Clinics Settle False Claims Act Lawsuit

Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE and other government health programs often provide suppliers, clinics and healthcare facilities with reimbursements for a wide range of services.  Healthcare fraud may occur anywhere throughout the spectrum of healthcare services, including allegations involving medical device suppliers, medical practitioners and treatment providers.

Protecting whistleblowers from retaliation

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been beset in recent years by scandals, including here in Wisconsin at the Tomah facility about three hours northwest of Milwaukee. The scandals that have plagued VA hospitals across the nation have come to light because of the bravery of whistleblowers who will not turn a blind eye to misconduct.

Home oxygen supply company settles healthcare fraud lawsuit

Many people in the Milwaukee area rely on medical device suppliers to provide needed equipment for their ongoing care. Home oxygen supplies are often necessary for individuals with respiratory conditions, including many forms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to facilitate breathing. Medicare covers the rental costs for many patients who use stationary or portable equipment to supply oxygen.

Whistleblower who stopped Medicare fraud to receive $3.3 million

Here's a hypothetical situation: you land a new job with a Milwaukee employer, but quickly realize that the company is defrauding the federal government. What do you do? How long will you wait to report the illegal activity? And what do you do if your employer does not agree to end the fraud?

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